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mastergot rid of 'execho' silliness in install.shPeasantoid5 years
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2010-02-07got rid of 'execho' silliness in install.shHEADmasterPeasantoid
2010-02-07added rc.icon optionPeasantoid
2010-01-30new heuristics for determining game lossPeasantoid
2010-01-30libraries (formerly sys/..., now lib/...) now go in /usr/lib/petris rather th...Peasantoid
2010-01-30cleaned up env var getting, set config dir to use XDG_CONFIG_HOME rather than...Peasantoid
2010-01-29IMPORTANT - contrib scripts are now in 'contrib' rather than 'mod', setting '...Peasantoid
2010-01-29got rid of unnecessary .gitignorePeasantoid
2010-01-27added setting of window iconPeasantoid
2010-01-27added stuff contributed by drcouzelisPeasantoid
2010-01-27tweaked arch_themePeasantoid